Ensanguining the skies

How heavily it dies

Into the west away;

Past touch and sight and sound

Not further to be found,

How hopeless under ground

Falls the remorseful day.

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Hello, I decided to make this post to help you to find a good theme. These are the blogs that I find useful and recommend, really hope this helps you. All these blogs are active.   Please like or reblog this post to help more people :)

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"So just keep that in mind."     

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You guyssss, Miles has a new DVD!

Miles Jupp - Fibber in the Heat (DVD)

In 2006, Miles Jupp decided to jack it all in and embarked on a trip to India in an attempt to become a cricket journalist. All he had to do, he thought, was blag his way into the English press corps and look like he knew what he doing.

In 2010, Miles told the story of that (mis)adventure in a show at the Edinburgh Festival, which received over twenty 4 star reviews. Two UK tours of the show followed, finishing up in London’s West End. The book of the story was nominated for The William Hill Sports Book Of The Year.

In 2014, Miles (who likes to think things over for a bit) suddenly decided that he wanted to record the show, so he dusted it off and headed to The Torch Theatre in Milford Haven and performed the show all over again in front of some cameras, some microphones and a very nice audience of predominantly Welsh people. This is that show.


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I love all your a league of their own posts! :) I love that show! Loving the new series :D

Thank you!! That’s very sweet!! =) I love the show as well, it’s so much fun!! I still haven’t seen the new series but I’m hopeful that I will soon enough!! x

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"#isitok to ask if Josh and Alex didn’t call each other before getting dressed tonight?"

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Watch it in video

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Adaline searching for kittens she hears meowing on YouTube.

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