Ensanguining the skies

How heavily it dies

Into the west away;

Past touch and sight and sound

Not further to be found,

How hopeless under ground

Falls the remorseful day.

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My computer doesn’t want me obsessing over more comedians… What a jerk!

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I’m so bored that I’m fast forwarding a comedy dvd to find a new butt gif…

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This is exactly why we have this technology

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Things animals do when we’re not looking.

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I’m looking at this list, there were 20 words, 1 to 20, that if you used them at a joke on the BBC, they would get complaints. Number 1 being the word that would get the most complaints. I wanted to see the winner and I think we would all naturally assume that the winner would be the C-Word. I was expecting that to be number 1 on the list, it’s not. It’s number 2. The C-Word is number 2 on the list.

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Not tumblr famous?

Well me neither so shut the fuck up and stop whining.

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