Ensanguining the skies

How heavily it dies

Into the west away;

Past touch and sight and sound

Not further to be found,

How hopeless under ground

Falls the remorseful day.

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Please tell me someone is watching this show!! It’s so much fun! Claudia is fabulous, as are the judges! 

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    Guilty as charged.
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    Oh Patrick
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    excuse for a picture of Patrick, butbutbut Claudia Winklemans hair is basically what I’m going to try and go for. Hair...
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    Seriously, it’s like the Bake Off, except it doesn’t make you crave cream and it’s got Claudia in it
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    I watched this on Tuesday and it calmed my nerves a little, even when the contestants were under pressure. I like...
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    I just watched the first episode and i really liked it. I think judges are a bit meaner than in bake off and I dont...
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